At Glenelg Locksmiths we can assist you in selecting a safe that will provide adequate protection for your valued possessions. We have access to an extensive range of high quality safes that are sure to keep your valuables safe.

Our locksmiths will liaise with your to determine which type of safe will work best for you. Once we’ve established your needs we then ensure it meets the required fire or theft insurance ratings.

In addition to supplying safes, we also open, service and repair all models of safes, vaults and associated hardware and equipment

Restricted Master Key Systems:

Installing a restricted master key system provides greater security and complete key control. The systems works well at homes, businesses, institutions and government agencies.

A restricted master key system allows you to manage and control access into your building. Access inside the building can be varied key to key. For instance many companies that install the system delegate access based on staff roles. Every worker may have access through the front gate and to their office, however the manager will be able to access every lock in the building with a master key.

Our restricted master key systems are fully restricted and protected by patents and signature authorisation required by the appropriate company representatives. This provides customers with the peace of mind that they will be fully secure.

If you would like to find out more about our restricted master key systems, our experienced locksmiths can provide a security survey of your site and provide you with a quote.

General Products:

We sell and install a range of different general security products. Most products listed come in a range of different sizes and levels of security. To find out more please contact us on 0406 566 344.

  • General locks
  • Padlocks and chains
  • Deadlocks and windows
  • ETSA metre box locks
  • Garage remotes
  • Transponder keys